Photographic Scavenger Hunt

A group of friends and I went on a photographic scavenger hunt in Alexandria, Virginia, today. Our assignment was to capture images that relate to selected words, including these: interaction, duo, and circular. Below are the photographs I made to encapsulate these words.

Interestingly, this photo captures the interaction of the candle stick with something that is not explicitly shown in the photo, that is the light falling on the candlestick, which we become aware of because of the shadow it casts.

Alexandria has many houses with old, wavy glass, which affects how images are reflected back to the viewer.

The reflection of the trees in this image lends an air of mystery.

Tom’s Wholesale Toy

Walking the streets of D.C. more than 20 years ago, I chanced upon the street scene captured by this photograph, Tom’s Wholesale Toy.  It appears from the sign in the window that Tom sold large industrial machinary in his toy store, or at least one may jump to that conclusion when viewing this photograph. 

Tom’s Wholesale Toy is featured in the Still Life gallery at

Questioning What is Hidden

“Caught in the Act” is the name of an upcoming invitational art exhibit at the Northbrook Public Library and Arts Center in Northbrook, Illinois. The purpose of the show is to display artwork that “seeks the moment of the numinous, the captured instant that reveals and questions what is hidden.” My photograph, Boys at Play, reproduced in this post, will be on exhibit in that show.

The show will open with a public reception on Friday, October 3, 2008, and will continue through October 31. For more information about the show, you may visit the show’s website by clicking -HERE-. That website will be updated with an exhibition catalog on September 23.

I hope to see you at the opening reception.

“I sketch with my camera”

Pete Plays the Blues

At an impromptu jam session, someone handed me a sketchpad and invited me to draw.  I replied, “I sketch with my camera.”

The resulting image, Pete Plays the Blues, will be exhibited at the Laurel Art Guild’s 39th Annual Open Juried Exhibition at the Montpelier Arts Center in Laurel, Maryland, March 9 through March 30, 2008.

This image was created in camera on 35mm black and white film.

Capturing Motion


I was first exposed to photography in college in 1982 when I took a beginning photography course. Once school let out, I headed out to California to roam around. In Oakland, I chanced upon a group of drummers and starting taking pictures.

I love the way my camera captured the motion, and dare I say emotion, inherent in the players’ activity. I call this image “Drumming”.

Drumming is the latest addition to the Street Photography gallery at

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